Annabelle Enchants the Rejected Earl by Hanna Hamilton

Things in life aren’t always what they seem to be… 

Annabelle’s life is turned upside down when her father declares that he has found an excellent suitor for her, Lord Watson Ashdown. 

What he does not realize, is that Watson is cruel and inappropriate for the Hathaway reputation. 

But that is not the only problem… 

Annabelle did not mean it to happen, but she has fallen for Floyd Brewer, the stable boy who works on her family’s land. 

Or so she believes about him… 

He is kind, loving and caring and nothing like the horrible Lord, but he is not a man that her father will find acceptable. 

How will Annabelle get out of her marriage? And what will happen when she discovers that Floyd has some secrets about his real status? 

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