Milan, Courtney

Roses and teacupIt’s always fun to discover “new to you” authors.  I’d read a couple books by Courtney Milan but she wasn’t a “go to” author for me until recently.  I firmly believe that every author is unique and offers something for not only the general reading public, but also those little things that simply make an author’s voice one a reader wants to experience with regularity.  I’ve fallen in love with one of her series and now, of course, I need to go pick up the rest of her work from her back list of titles.  🙂

I find Ms Milan’s stories offer me the details that make it so much easier to fall into her created world.  At times I want light and easy – other times I want to immerse myself in the past and when I want that type of story I look for something by Courtney Milan.

The really enjoyable thing about this author’s works is that you can go back into Regency England with ease – or you can walk down the streets of our modern contemporary world as well.  When an author can take me to more than one world I pay attention.

Courtney Milan’s official website link is over there –>  Courtney Milan

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Carhart Series

  1.   This Wicked Gift
  2.   Proof By Seduction
  3.   Trial By Desire

Turner Series

  1.   Unveiled
  2.   Unlocked
  3.   Unclaimed
  4.   Unraveled

Brothers Sinister

(prequel 0.5)  The Governess Affair

  1.   The Duchess War
  2.   A Kiss For Midwinter
  3.   The Heiress Effect
  4.   The Countess Conspiracy
  5.   The Suffragette Scandal
  6.   Talk Sweetly To Me

The Worth Saga

  1.   Once Upon A Marquess
  2.   Her Every Wish
  3.   After The Wedding
  4.   The Devil Comes Courting
  5.   Return of the Scoundrel
  6.   The Kissing Hour
  7.   The Tale of Two Viscounts
  8.   The Once And Future Earl

Stand Alone Titles

  •   The Lady Always Wins
  •   What Happened At Midnight
  •   A Right Honorable Gentleman