Bryant, Anabelle

Anabelle Bryant is one of my top favorite Historical Romance authors — and she’s a super nice person in real life as well.  Our Twitter conversations always leave me with a smile.  Not all authors take the time to connect with people who read and review their work.  So it’s always a privilege when she releases a new story to be able to devour it and give my thoughts about it.

If you’d like to check out her official website the link is over there –>  ANABELLE BRYANT

I still have one series to get caught up on, but here is her book list.

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Bastards of London

  1.   The Den of Iniquity  – (Maxwell & Vivienne)
  2.   Into the Hall of Vice  – (Cole & Gemma)
  3.   The Last Gamble  – (Luke & Georgina)
  4.   Return to the House of Sin  – (Crispin & Jessamy)

Regency Charms

  1.   Defying The Earl  – (Valerian & Wilhelmina)
  2.   Undone By His Kiss  – (Jasper & Emily)
  3.   Society’s Most Scandalous Viscount  – (Kell & Angelica)
  4.   His Forbidden Debutante  – (Randolph & Livie)

Regency Rogues

  1.   To Love A Wicked Scoundrel  – (Isabelle & Constantine)
  2.   Duke of Darkness  – (Devlin & Alexandra)
  3.   The Midnight Rake  – (Phineas & Penelope)